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Fitness For Life Classes Are Back

Fitness For Life Classes are Back!

Covid 19 guidelines and rules are in place and must be followed. Everyone in class maintains a safe distance of 2 meters. Everyone washes hands prior to class start and all equipment is thoroughly disinfected after each class. We also communicate at the beginning of each class to make sure everyone is OK & has a safe space to share if they are worried.⁣

Fitness for Life Class working on side planks while practicing safe distancing. Photo courtesy of Tyler Buck

Until further notice we will continue to provide classes for all who choose to attend💪

The Fitness For Life Club has also launched online!

We have been working diligently to create online programs & classes that will help you improve your health, increase your energy and become a stronger version of you.

We are currently offering meditation, fitness, and yoga. Our plans are to expand out further into nutrition, cooking, mental health, and so on.

The sky’s the limit!

We have created a special one time 50% off discount for current and past Boundless clients. This covers two free weeks plus a one-week free trial.

Use this code at checkout: BOUNDLESS

Visit our website: www.fitnessforlife.club

PS – If you not a current or past client you are still eligible for one free week on us 💪


Tyler Buck, Co-founder & Head Coach

Tyler Buck - Co-Founder - Coach Instructor

Saltair Centre is OPEN

Saltair Community Centre  has reopened  for multi purpose use and quality community programs.

The Saltair Community Society welcomes back it’s patrons with restrictions that align with facility safety plans and guidance from governing bodies.
Please read green highlighted embedded document for full details:
In summary, the following safety measures will be in place at Saltair Community Centre

Physical Distancing: Users must adhere to physical distancing (6 feet or 2 metres) in the facility at all times

Strict Illness Policy – If you have a fever, sore throat, cough, difficulty breathing, or are sneezing you must stay home  for 10 days and avoid going out in public as much as possible If you have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days you are to stay home and self-quarantine.
If you feel you are suffering from any other symptoms such as flu-like symptoms including diarrhea in the last 24 hours you are expected to stay home.  If you answer YES to any of the above, STAY HOME. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Hand washing : To reduce the spread of COVID-19, hand washing has been identified as the most effective
method. It is strongly recommended, to increase hand washing for all utilizing the facility. Proper hand washing procedures have been posted throughout the facility and hand washing is
• Upon arrival and before departure of the facility
• Before and after any transitions
• Before and after eating and drinking
• After using the toilet
• Before and after use of equipment
• After sneezing or coughing

Entering and Exiting the Facility
• Patrons are asked to arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to the start of a program and leave immediately following the program, staying no longer than 10 minutes
• Participants attending programs will be provided with a program guideline document prior to the start of the program which outlines entry and exit procedures. Each program is different based on the room your program will be utilizing. Please ensure you fully
understand this document prior to arriving
• Notice will be displayed at the main entrance instructing patrons, delivery personnel not to enter if they are exhibiting flu-like symptoms or symptoms of COVID-19
• Patrons must follow all directional markers through the facility and obey all posted signs

• Hand sanitizer will be provided in the hallway and Gym for people to use when entering and exiting the facility; however, handwashing is the preferred method upon entry and exit.

Main Entrance doors
At this time, no programs or outside user groups will be using the Main Entrance.
Use of the front entrance will be limited to Licensed Childcare to maintain the integrity of cleanliness and reduce possible exposure to attendees.

Entrance Meeting Rooms 16,17,18,19
• Patrons will enter through the back Community Centre doors marked enter
• Follow guidelines identified in this document including directional signage and physical
distancing markers
• Patrons are to park vehicles in the back parking lot.
Upon Building Entry
• Proceed to hand sanitizer stations prior to participating in program use
proceed directly to room where your program is scheduled for
• Please do not use hallway area for social gatherings.

Exit Protocol
• Following your program proceed to handwashing in meeting room.
• Exit facility through rear exit door. do not use main entry doors)
• Please leave within 10 minutes, following your program/booking

Gymnasium Users
Enter street side gym doors at the front right side of building leading directly into the gym.  Do not enter the main middle doors into the Centre.
Street Parking on South Oyster School road.

In Closing:

The SCS recognizes the importance of WorkSafeBC and its safety protocols put in place to protect the Centre.

It is important to note that all users do have the right to refuse to enter the Community Centre if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

The SCS recognizes the importance to incorporate strategies for reducing transmission risks of COVID-19 to safeguard everyone and thanks the community for supporting these safety measures.

Posted on behalf of Saltair Community Society Directors

Inquiring Little Minds Childcare Reopening

The CVRD has approved an April 15th reopening of Inquiring Little Minds Licensed Childcare in the Saltair Community Centre.

Inquiring Little Minds staff will provide childcare spaces for Essential Service Workers under new provincial COVID 19 guidelines and procedures that will support the health and safety of both staff and children.

If you are an essential service worker requiring temporary emergency child care for children ages 0-5 years old, you can complete a request form at:




Chemainus Art Group Demonstration by Patt Scrivener

We enjoyed an excellent presentation from guest artist Patt Scrivener at our first Meet Up in March.


Patt demonstrated her process when working on abstraction using cold wax and oil. And she demonstrated how she uses many unorthodox tools as she layered, dripped and scraped and talked about design elements. Very informative. Thank you Patt. Www.pattscrivener.com.

Visitors are welcome to join us. We meet every 2nd and 4th Wednesday morning of the month at the Saltair Community Centre, 3850 S Oyster School Road Room #16

Chemainus Art Group https://www.chemainusartgroup.com/