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Season’s Greetings From the Saltair Community Society

Season’s Greetings!

We have had a very challenging year, and the Society Directors  wish to thank the Saltair Centre users for their continued patronage and understanding during 2020 Covid 19 restrictions.  We thank everyone of you for taking those extra precautions and for being flexible during mandated changes in the Centre.

The Christmas Holiday season will be quite different this year with many families unable to celebrate together.  Fortunately, in this age of electronics there are many  ways to visit virtually via Zoom, Facebook Video Messenger, Facetime, cell phone or the good old fashion telephone.

We would like to wish everyone a healthy, and warm cozy Christmas celebration and look forward to a flourishing  year in 2021!


Our lovely Christmas models and carolers: Judy, Irene, David, and Val

Best Regards

Saltair Community Society Directors,

Nadi, Tim, Mel, Jackie, Chris and Lia.



Volunteer Appreciation

Today, December 5th is International Volunteer’s Appreciation Day! 😊

Did you know that the following events, facilities and organizations are all managed by SALTAIR volunteers? Pretty amazing 🤩!

-Annual Halloween 🎃 Party 👻 in Centennial Park

-Annual Easter Egg Hunt in Centennial Park

Saltair Community Centre is operated and managed by volunteers

-Saltair District Ratepayers Association

-Saltair Parks Advisory Commission

-Saltair Advisory Planning Commission

-Saltair Water Advisory Committee

-Saltair Community Facebook Group All Things Saltair Admins

-Sunny Saltair Website

-Saltair Buy, Sell,Swap & Free Facebook Group Admins

-Saltair Shoutout Facebook group Admins

-Saltair In Motion advocating for safe pedestrian, and cycling avenues

HUGE THANKS to those working freely behind the scenes for the LOVE ❤️ of their COMMUNITY.


Face Mask Mandatory at Saltair Community Centre

Face Mask a Mandatory Requirement at Saltair Community Centre

Please be aware Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced a province-wide order requiring masks in “all public indoor settings and workplaces,” with the exception of schools.

Face Masks are now mandatory requirement for users of the Saltair Community Centre.


Thank you for your consideration
Saltair Community Society


Saltair Quilters Handmade Face Masks

Are you Looking 👀 for locally handmade face masks?

Saltair Quilters have a good stash of fabric and can accommodate most requests – prints with flowers, animals, children’s, Xmas, batiks, plain, etc.
We are happy for customers to request themes.

Masks are made with adjustable elastics and a wire nosepiece and come in a variety of sizes. Cost $10 (cash).

Cash only. Make arrangements for payments, and pick up through kate [at] communitypower [dot] ca

BC Elections Voting Available at Saltair Community Centre

Voting is available at the Saltair Community Centre

Did you know you can vote at Saltair Centre?  Although it is not a designated polling station, it is however,  an official District Electoral Office of Elections BC and therefore, is set up for polling and accepts your vote in this current provincial BC Election.

Please drive to the back of the Centre and enter via the rear blue doors as pictured below.

Hours of operation are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

3850 South Oyster School Rd

Please follow COVID signage and stated procedures. Hand sanitizer and masks are provided.

Rear Entrance to Saltair Community Centre

Voting Area. Please ring bell provided to alert elections staff that have arrived.  Hand sanitizer is provided and follow social distancing floor markers.