Volunteer Appreciation

Today, December 5th is International Volunteer’s Appreciation Day! 😊

Did you know that the following events, facilities and organizations are all managed by SALTAIR volunteers? Pretty amazing 🤩!

-Annual Halloween 🎃 Party 👻 in Centennial Park

-Annual Easter Egg Hunt in Centennial Park

Saltair Community Centre is operated and managed by volunteers

-Saltair District Ratepayers Association

-Saltair Parks Advisory Commission

-Saltair Advisory Planning Commission

-Saltair Water Advisory Committee

-Saltair Community Facebook Group All Things Saltair Admins

-Sunny Saltair Website

-Saltair Buy, Sell,Swap & Free Facebook Group Admins

-Saltair Shoutout Facebook group Admins

-Saltair In Motion advocating for safe pedestrian, and cycling avenues

HUGE THANKS to those working freely behind the scenes for the LOVE ❤️ of their COMMUNITY.