Saltair Adult Fitness Classes Every Tuesday 6:30PM

Saltair Community Centre Fitness Classes

Affordable Effective and Fun Fitness classes in Saltair

If you’re looking for change, results, and fun community, this is the home you have been looking for.”❤”
Come find out what makes this family different. So many members of this community walked into a class scared, but now there lives will never be the same. Sometimes one brave step can change so much.

Come see what we are about with nothing to lose and so much to gain!
Then its only  $10  a class after that, no commitments, no contracts. Lots of time before and after class to connect and talk, get advice and support.
Before workout tea for clean no crash energy and post workout shake with 24 vitamins and minerals and protein to help with recovery.

One hour full body workout with stretching and warm up. Coaches who care about you and your goals both inside and outside the space.
Online challenges, to help you when we can’t see you in person. There is always so much epicness happening in this room and in this community. 🥰
We also get results with hundreds of lbs. and inches lost and  so much muscle gained and mindsets changed.

We are ready for you with open arms, all you have to do is get yourself through the doors.

We know how hard it can be to come to a new place with new people to workout, but this is the safest place with the best people, send us a message with any questions, we want to make you feel comfortable in taking this step.

2024 can be a year or memories, magic and transformation and this is definitely the family to help you do it! ❤️

Tuesdays @ 630pm Saltair Community Center   3850 South Oyster School Road Ladysmith/Saltair

Saltair Level Up Fitness @ Saltair Centre Hall 3850 South Oyster School Rd
Saltair Level -Up Fitness
Saltair Level-Up Fitness Pre-Work out Tea and Post Workout Shake