Saltair Community Centre COVID -19 (Corona Virus) Health Update

Hi Everyone.
As you all know, there is a very contagious virus going around.

The Society Directors are concerned about the health of not only our long term tenants, but also their clients and fellow members.
The Directors will be following the guidelines of Island Health/ CVRD at the Saltair Community Centre.

We will be keeping the Centre open for the time being until Island Health and/ or the CVRD ask that we close, or the Directors feel it is not healthy to keep the Centre open.
Should that happen, we will give you all enough notice to contact your members/clients.

We have stepped up our cleaning of the Centre to include washing of all door knobs, light switches, and toilet levers. As always, floors are being washed with disinfectant. We will incorporate adding bleach to the cleaning water.

We ask for your help and cooperation, by washing your hands with soap and water frequently,
stay home if feeling unwell,
cough/sneeze into your elbow,
keep hands away from your eyes and nose.
avoid crowds.
We will be placing signs in the Centre reminding everyone to wash their hands.

Should any of you feel that your classes/workshops should be cancelled now, please feel free to do so. Let me know, and your rental fee will be held in trust until such time you return.
We will also post on our website and Facebook your decision.
Stay safe,
Nadi Bottomley, President of Saltair Community Society
Ph. 250-245-2335
email ainlet [at] shaw [dot] ca